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Haochen 20 years of focus on multimode cavities and small spacing hot runner

Attentively"Design" · Precision"Manufacture"

High-precision injection molded parts, there is the Haochen hot runner

Haochen Hot Runner Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. Focusing on the research, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of hot runner systems, it was relocated to Chang'an Town, Dongguan City in 2004 and renamed as Dongguan Chang'an Haochen Mold Processing Factory. And in February 2013, it was once again changed to Dongguan Haochen Hot Runner Technology Co., Ltd., which has been utilizing more than 20 years of experience in the molding industry to provide comprehensive hot runner solutions for injection molding users.

Production factory
Production team
Production capacity
Success cases
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Precision manufacturing, refinement— Perfect for various types of injection molding
Four Advantages of Haochen
Customized for heating channel systems for plastic molds and injection plants for plastic products
20 years of rich experience ● 20 years of industry experience in designing needle valve hot runner for daily necessities molds, electronic molds, and automotive molds
● There is a high demand for product appearance, and it is necessary to adjust the amount of glue injection to solve technical problems such as no residue, no material mouth, no printing force mark, flat sealing, and multiple glue mouth injection without a bonding line. I have rich experience in this field.
● Dozens of processing equipment, including 5 imported precision high-speed lathes and 3 Mazak machining centers.
International standard components with stable quality ● Achieve industry leadership to a minimum of 9mm with a spacing of 17mm
● 8More than 00 successful customer cases, and Nuojin has a unique patent for 500 mold times without changing the mouth.
● Copper sleeve heater increases heating speed by 60% and saves 1/3 of electricity bills.
● The durability of the needle valve hot runner ensures no glue leakage for 5 million mold cycles, and many customers even achieve no glue leakage for more than 10 million mold cycles. Produce more products, reduce mold opening, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency.
Large quantity of stock, fast delivery time for customization ● Sample production takes 3-7 days, batch production takes 7-10 days to deliver
● Over 200 square meters The warehouse keeps stock all year round, and universal related products are delivered to customers in the province within 1 day. In emergency situations, they are delivered by car.
● I have over 10 years of experience in plastic products such as daily necessities, small household appliances, medical equipment, etc. that require high surface requirements and require no spraying.
Provide personalized technical support services ● Haochen products promise a 3-year after-sales warranty and lifelong technical support services!
● 3 Second response, arrive within 3 hours in the Pearl River Delta region and 8 hours nationwide.
● Pre sales success case explanation, technical installation and usage training!
● Provide plan diagrams and 3-hour model flow analysis reports within up to 2 hours
What services can we provide for you
Injection Product Design - Precision Injection Mold - Injection Molding -24 Hour Online Aftersales Service
Product Development Design

We have a 50 person engineering mold design team with over 20 years of product design experience. We can accept customized drawings and samples, design molds for free in large quantities, and provide free 3D samples.

Precision injection mold processing

It can meet the development and design requirements of different products. Based on the product structure and performance requirements, it adopts high-speed precision engraving cutting (30000 RPM), precision mirror discharge, high-precision wire cutting process technology, and combines three-dimensional testing equipment to maintain geometric distortion in accuracy and smoothness.

Injection molding mass production

We have a complete production management team and complete equipment. Injection molding, screen printing, spraying, electroplating, stamping, finished product assembly, and mass production and shipment are all completed within the factory. We have assisted hundreds of customers in successfully achieving mass production.

One stop after-sales service

Each project in the factory is specially coordinated and followed up by dedicated personnel, with 24-hour online service and 2-hour product quotation speed. Customer feedback is provided and resolved within 2 hours. Return or exchange any quality issues with the product after sales.

Quality control · Strength
Master the core process and strictly control the layers of plastic mold processing processes
Precision mold manufacturing equipment The high-end quality must be precision mold manufacturing, and the injection mold factory has precision mold manufacturing equipment internally, which can control the precision tolerance value of customer accessories to 1 wire.
Dedicated quality control team We have a dedicated quality control team and engineering technology team with over 20 years of experience. During the production process, we strictly follow the quality management system as the standard, and every product undergoes strict full inspection, meeting national testing standards.
8 Strict Quality Control Links From material selection ->production ->inspection ->delivery ->strict monitoring at every step, every process is fully inspected to ensure that the product qualification rate reaches 99%
Honor · Certificate
More than 10 domestic and international quality certification systems
Co organizer
Co organizer
Shenzhen Mobile Phone Industry Association
Shenzhen Mobile Phone Industry Association
2018 Food and Beverage Industry - Jung Technology Innovation Award
2018 Food and Beverage Industry - Jung Technology Innovation Award
The first member unit
The first member unit
Case · Word of mouth witness
Haochen is based in China and serves the world, providing ingenious services for every brand business
  • One out six integral oil pressure needle valve hot runner system
  • MVG type multi head needle valve hot nozzle
  • CYY-8596
  • CYY-8589
  • CYY-8580
  • CYY-8575
  • CYY-8570
  • CYY-8567
  • More Cases+
Cooperation · Service brand
20 years of experience in cooperation with top 100 brand merchants, long-term cooperation with top 100 enterprises such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Midea
Haochen · Customized process
Full process service, making you worry free, reassuring, and comfortable
Understand customer needs
3D drawing design
3D Quick Prototyping
Sample confirmation structure
Product mold opening
Injection molding mass production
Customer inspection
Product Delivery
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Learn more about the value of mold injection molding
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What is the relationship between injection molding machines and hot runner molds 2023-11-02

What is the relationship between injection molding machines and hot runner molds

Equipment that ensures automatic operation of hot runner molds, such as robots or easily controllable robotic arms: 1. The product needs to be placed with inserts, labels, or sheets in the mold……

Entering Haochen
Specializing in precision mold design and manufacturing, as well as precision injection molding product production
Since 2001, when few foreign brands of hot runner entered Chinese Mainland, a group of technicians who had experience in military industry, plastic molding and hot runner founded Haochen Hot Runner Company in Bao'an, Shenzhen, and moved to Chang'an Town, Dongguan City in 2004. Haochen Hot Runner Company has always focused on research and innovation of hot runner injection molding technology, integrating production, sales, and service. Through more than 20 years of technical accumulation and practice, we can provide comprehensive hot runner system solutions for injection molding users.
The current Haochen Hot Runner Company covers a total area of 5000 square meters, with over 40 precision processing equipment and a professional team of over 100 people. The annual production capacity of hot runners is over 2400 sets. Haochen hot runner has been widely used in injection molds for household appliances, computers, mobile phones, automobiles, electronics and electricians, packaging, new energy, and other industries.

Strong manufacturer

20-year brand precision injection molding parts customization service provider


Product design/mold manufacturing/injection molding mass production

Quality assurance

Layer by layer inspection, strictly controlling each link

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